Test Filming Model Sign Up

A famous Japanese electronics company is looking for hundreds of people as test models to help develop its new products. The photos will only be used internally to improve facial recognition technology and will not be displayed publicly. You can participate on 8/6 or 8/7.

Please ask your friends to sign up too! You can participate together with them.

Gender: Male or Female

Ages: 4 to 79 (Please also bring your kids with you!)

Ethnicity: White and Black people aged 13-79, Asian and Japanese aged 4-12

Filming Dates: The filming will be conducted on 7/26, 7/29 and 7/30

Location: A studio near Akebonobashi Station (Shinjuku Line)

Working hours: One hour

Payment: Adults 4,000 yen per hour per person, kids 3,000 yen per hour. You will receive an envelope with four 1000 yen notes in it on the same day.

Requirement: Please bring your electronic passport (it's ok if it's expired, and you don't have to share your personal information. They just want to copy the photo from the chip to help improve their facial recognition technology).

Check the diagram on this page. Does your passport have this logo on it? If it doesn't, it might not be an electronic passport.

If one of the pages in your passport is made of thick unbendable plastic, then you definitely have an electronic passport.