Paid Product Testing

Payment ¥27,000 yen per day for 30 days

You will stay overnight in a clinic in Tokyo to test a new medicine.
The medicine has already been tested in several overseas studies and proven safe. We just need to do the test again in Japan for Japanese government approval procedures.

For detailed information please come to the no-obligation information session and ask us some questions. We'll pay you 7000 yen for attending the session even if you are not selected for the testing.

Any visa except tourist visa, since this is technically not considered work. It is not taxed either for the same reason.


-men only
-20 to 45 years old 
-Weight over 50 kg and have a BMI between 18 and 30
-Non smokers and no use of nicotine supplements within the past 3 months
-Caucasian with all parents and grandparents of Caucasian descent
-Country of birth or citizenship can be anywhere
※For this study we don't accept anyone with mixed heritage.